back home, happy easter (two days ago), and a giveaway!

we are back from our quick trip to indiana for the Easter holiday.
we drove in the car waaayyyy too long,

we ate waaayyyy too much food,
and made lots and lots of  great memories!

i took time to reflect on the real meaning of Easter (thank you Jesus for conquering death and dying for my sins!),

but we of course also did the decorating of eggs, easter egg hunts, and eating of a truckload of candy, too.

my sisters, emily and gretchen helped Sister paint her first ever Easter eggs!

there was lots of "oohing and ahhing" over Brother's head improvements (if you don't know what i'm talking about, find out more about his condition and surgery, here.)

got to see my bff, chelsea (from Nesting Time) and we cuddled each other's babies.  so fun!


a trip to the farm wouldn't be complete without a "bobcat" ride from Papa.  (Claire even got in on it this time!)

can you believe that this is the only picture i got of her pretty dress?  bad, mommy!

four generations! (my grandma, Esther, me, my dad, and Brother)

10 hour drive home.......

hope your Easter was a blessed one as well~!

now, on to the giveaway!
yes, i said, giveaway!
it is my first one ever!

my sister, emily (i introduced you to her before) made this quaint little beauty and i am just dying to give it away to one of my loyal readers!

all you have to do to enter the necklace giveaway is leave a comment telling me about which piece of jewelry you own that you can't live without and why. (1 entry)

for additional entries (up to 5 more):
1.  become a follower of milestones & memories  (and tell me in a comment)
2.  like the milestones and memories page on facebook (and tell me in a comment)
3.  tweet or facebook about this giveaway (and tell me in a comment)
you can copy and paste this if it makes it easier for you:  
    { Head on over to milestones and memories for a chance to win a great rosette necklace! http://milesandmems.blogspot.com }
4.  grab my button and post or blog about my giveaway (and tell me in a comment)

make sure you leave your email address in the comment or have a link to your website or email through your profile so that i can contact you if you win!

the giveaway will close at 11:59pm on may 5th.  the lucky winner will be announced on friday, may 6!



Trisha said...

I follow Milestones and Memories

Trisha Oswalt

Trisha said...

I love my earrings...I would say my diamond studs, but I lost one :(, so my cheap studs are great!

Trisha Oswalt

Kim said...

My grandmother's engagement ring from the early 1920's became my engagement ring! She gave me the ring because I was named after her - She was "Granny Ruth" and I am Kimberly Ruth! She was very dear to me. I had the ring for several years and wore it proudly even though one diamond was missing. When walking through the mall one day Joel suggested that we drop it off at a jeweler and have it repaired (it needed bridge work too). That night he proposed to me and said that the refurbished ring would be my engagement ring too since it was so special to me. My grandmother actually lost the ring early in her marriage while planting her garden. Year's later while tilling the soil the sun hit something in the turned up soil and it gave a little glimmer. She reached down and to her dismay found her long lost ring. She actually tilled it up again. the ring has a lot of history and sentimental significance to me and that is why it is so special. I will post a pic of it to your email. From Aunt Kim

Chelsea said...

It was so great to see you this weekend friend! I just wish it could happen more often!

Let's see... I follow your blog already, and the jewelery I couldn't live without would have to be my wedding ring! Now... I'm off to "like" your Facebook page and I will definitely blog about this giveaway too!

Matt Blosser said...

I don't currently follow your blog, but I will start. I found it from my friend Chelsea, who is also your friend. :)
The piece of jewelry I wouldn't live without is my wedding ring. Not only do I love it, it's a reminder of my best friend.

Erin said...

I love my leaf earrings :) but I'll probably love this necklace even more..

Erin said...

I now follow you on fb!

Erin said...

And I will be blogging about this in the next couple days :)

Michelle said...

I couldn't live without my wedding rings :) i always feel naked without them!

Michelle said...

i am a follower of yours!

Michelle said...

i like M&M on FB :)

Michelle said...

your button is proudly displayed on my blog! :)

Jessica said...

The jewelry that I can't live without is my favorite pair of pearl earrings. I wear them everyday and everywhere!

Kim said...

I like M&M on Facebook and I posted your blog on my FB page! Love M&M!!!

Kim said...

I am a follower of M&M

Kim said...

Sure hope I'm randomly selected - that necklace will look so good with the outfit I'm wearing to graduation!!!!! {SMILE}