i spy: jewelry in my "embrace the camera" photo & a tutorial

here we are "embracing the camera" in front of the beautiful budding trees at my in-laws' house. spring and cherry blossoms make me so happy!

why is it so difficult to get a family picture where everyone is looking good at the camera?  lisa leonard (fab jewelry designer and blogger) has a great post on getting a good family photo.  too bad i read it after we took this!

now, take a closer look at that picture.  do you see the nifty little necklace i'm sportin'?  guess what......i made it!  (and you can too!~complete tutorial at the end of this post)

which leads me to--- "i spy: jewelry and shoes" with little miss momma.  this is my second week of participating in ashley's photo challenge.  see the first week, here.

i love jewelry, but don't really have a lot of it.  (i'm cheap, remember, and just can't justify buying myself a million pieces of bling).  so i will share with you a few of my most memorable pieces of jewelry that were gifts from my husbo (aka "free to me")........insert congregational "awwwwww."

1.  engagement ring:  such a special daily reminder of our promises to each other.
photo courtesy reeds jewelry

2.  sapphire pendant:  from our honeymoon cruise to the carribbean  {sapphire is my birthstone}

3. rhodochrosite bracelet: he brought this back from his trip to argentina this winter.  rhodochrosite is argentina's national stone.

4.  zipper rosette necklace:  this one isn't from jon, but it was "free" 'cause i made it!

want to make your own?
follow the easy steps below and you can!
{the tutorial is for a hair clip, but is easily adapted to make a necklace}

1/2 of a zipper
hot glue
barrette clip or necklace chain
piece of round felt in coordinating color

1.  using 1/2 of a zipper, tie a knot in one end
2.  cut off the excess after the knot
3.  tuck the end toward the middle and start twisting
4.  hot glue and hold for 20 seconds
5.  twist the zipper, turn the rosette, and glue every inch or so.  wait 20 seconds after gluing before twisting again (see picture for hand position)
6.  continue for the length of the zipper or until you reach your desired size of  rosette
7.  trim the end and secure to the back with hot glue
8.  the rosette is completed--now make it into a hair clip (or necklace or purse accessory--the possibilities are endless!)
9.  glue a circular piece of felt to the back of the rosette
10. attach hair clip with hot glue and wait several minutes for drying time
done......you did it!

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Chelsea said...

you are amazing! so talented and creative... i love the necklace (then again, you already knew that!)