i spy: our neighborhood & embrace the camera

i'm doubling up on two fun projects today along with ashley from little miss momma and emily from the anderson crew--two totally rad girls with mad photography skills.  i want to be like them when i grow up!

 it a dream of mine to  learn more about photography and cameras (and how to make your 2 year old pose beautifully for a picture). right now, i'm just using a little olympus point and shoot camera, but am in the planning stages for getting my very own DSLR--can i get a woot, woot!.

1.  be an amateur or not, i still want to find and document beauty in my everyday and so i'm joining ashley's "i spy" series where every week she takes pictures based on a theme (this week is "the neighborhood").  check hers out!

i spy: neighborhood edition

they're both giving me that look that says, "we're over it!" 

2.  i'm also linking to emily's "embrace the camera" series where she encourages us all to join in the pictures with our family and friends and capture the memories that we are living right now.  i love this, because i have tons of pictures and only a handful that i'm actually in (that might be partly because i refused to take too many pictures when pregnant and i've been pregnant for the past 3 years---or so it feels :))!

disclaimer:  like i said, i have a major problem getting my 2 year old to pose nicely for any said photos, but here it is.......she mostly looks like she's in pain........

before our walk, Sister was sporting the "shades" and thought it was the coolest to wear matching ones like momma.  she told me before she went to bed that "momma my friend." ---pure sweetness!

oh one more thing, all you "seem like profesh" photographers out there, if you have advice on which DSLR i should get or how to make children pose like baby gap models, leave me a comment.---it's much appreciated!


The Blissfully Happy Housewife said...

Hello...here I am again! Ha! First of all, I could NOT agree more on the whole not-being-in-pictures deal. I laugh that my poor children are going to look back on pictures of their childhood and say, "sooo...was mom there?"

Yes dear, I was BEHIND the camera!

Also, my daughter HATES having her picture taken...however I've found the best thing to do is never have her pose. Some of my favorite pictures of Eva are of her most serene faces. (I do not edit or get all professional with all the pics on my blog...many are just snapshots...but if you look back you'll see a few of her this way).

That being said, I do dabble in photography professionally. I'd be happy to help you with your camera buying decisions!


The Blissfully Happy Housewife said...

ya...me again (I swear I am not stalking you!)...anyway, I went back through my blog. If you click on my Februaary posts you'll see some pics I did of Eva for a friend that makes hairbows. It is an example of how I get around children that don't love having their pics taken. She is not posed at all...I just had her sit in a chair, play the guitar, and I DID the moving around to shoot her. Hope that helps!

Kristine said...

LOVE your cute blog!! The pictures are fab you did great!! And the picture of your kiddos looking up at you in the stroller... priceless ;)

Kristina @ A Home Made by Kiki said...

I'm really loving this "I Spy" series and getting a peek into everyone's neighborhood. Thanks for sharing yours...mine should be up in the next couple of days! I'm your newest follower!

Lippi and Co. Advertising said...

Hi Andrea, I am loving your blog!

To give you a camera rec, we are loving our Canon EOS Rebel T2i. Jon especially appreciates its ability to shoot great video. Of course we have had it for months and I have yet to use it much. I did a lot of photography in college and LOVED it and am so anxious to get back to it. I am DETERMINED to learn how to use our camera so that I can adequately document Anna's life.

Michelle said...

hey!! we have a canon EOS Rebel t2i and LOVE it! we have the regular lens that it comes with but also got the next size zoon lens. i find that one is best to get good shots of the kids since i can be far away from them so they don't run away. i usually sit in the next room and zoom in on them to get good shots. ha ha. anyway, we definitely think it's worth the $$ for it. i have taken THOUSANDS of pictures!