11 weeks 'til summer cleaning and organizing challenge--pantry

11 10 weeks until the official beginning of summer!  whoohoo, we are getting closer, and we are getting cleaner!
can i get an "amen, ladies!?"

this is week 2 in the milestones and memories 11 weeks 'til summer spring cleaning challenge (if you are participating, don't forget to grab my button and join the link party i would love to see what you are doing to spruce up for spring!)

so this week's challenge was the pantry:

BEFORE:  i know, embarrassing!

i realized i have a new obsession and love for the quatrefoil pattern (it seems to be all the rage these days, and i'm jumping on the band wagon as per usual).  i loved house of smith's pantry redo and was going for the look without all the work and money.  granted, this was definitely not as beautiful, but definitely easier and basically FREE.  gotta love that!

i printed this pattern on regular paper, cut it out, taped it together to fit the dimensions of the backs of my pantry shelves, and hot glued it to the wall (yes, i said, hot glue.  don't tell the hubs!)

i may or may not have used a highlighter to fix any "white" spots left between the seams--how totally cheap and lazy am i!

from a distance you can't tell, and it will be covered with food, etc anyway!

used a whiteboard sign i already had lying around and attached it to the inside of the door (yet again with hot glue).  i plan to use it to keep track of which pantry items i am running low on so that i can add them to my grocery list.

i got these little beauts from ikea last saturday!

and filled them with pretty foods!

these little crates are also from ikea and great because i filled it with the little things like packets, 
and food coloring and can just pull the whole thing out easily!

a little trick with the cans:  categorize them in rows with like foods, (all the green beans in one row, etc) and then put one on the top so you know which row is which.


heck, i even have room to add more food from my other pantry/food storage area.  getting rid of all those cereal boxes and bags of flour, etc sure opened up a lot of space! 

who knew organizing and cleaning could make a girl so excited!  i sure have used a lot of exclamation points in this post!!!!!.................  there's a few more for good measure! :) 

what have you been up to in the "spring cleaning" arena this week? 

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