i got a $2.00 belt and bag!

oh yes, i did!.......

this belt and bag cost me only $2.35 (including shipping and tax)!

wanna know how i did it?

don't have the "take a picture of yourself in the mirror" thing down yet, and boy am i concentrating.....

mamapedia (a website similar to groupon or living social) helped me with the "sweet" deal.

here's the scoop:
1.  i signed up for a mamapedia account (got $5.00 credit for signing up)
2.  i bought a deal that was $8 for a 2-Year Subscription to Parenting Early Years magazine ($20 value)
3.  i used a discount code i had and only paid $3.00 for the subscription
4.  i shared the deal on my facebook page and one of my friends signed up through my link and bought the deal too, which gave me a $10.00 credit for a future purchase (thanks to whoever did that for me!)
5.  skip forward a couple of months, a "sweet deal" came up on mamapedia for shoemall.com and it was $15.00 for $30.00 worth of merchandise from their online store.
6.  since i had a $15.00 credit, i used it to purchase this deal and used the voucher code to get the bag and belt for basically free.  (i shopped the "clearance" section)
7.  the bag is roxy and originally $44.00 and the belt is nice quality leather and originally $19.99
8.  when i got them in the mail, i was ubber excited because they are higher quality than i thought and the bag is big enough to be used as my "diaper bag."  happy day for me!  i love "free" things :)

if you haven't already joined mamapedia, you can use the sites below to sign up and get a $5.00 credit for yourself.



you're welcome!  
happy shopping!

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