11 weeks 'til summer cleaning and organizing challenge--under sinks

11 9 weeks until the official beginning of summer!  whoohoo, we are getting closer, and we are getting cleaner!

this is week 3 in the milestones and memories 11 weeks 'til summer spring cleaning challenge

this week's challenge was under the sinks (kitchen and master bathroom)

BEFORE (kitchen sink):

every time i opened this door the explosion of plastic bags attacked me 

found this!  handy in the kitchen, right?

and this helped reign in the bag problem--really nifty contraption! 
i fit over 35 bags in that little thing!  want to make your own?  check out Ashley's tutorial at Make It and Love It.

AFTER (kitchen sink):  

ahhh, much better!

BEFORE (bathroom sink):

seriously, who came in my house and made this mess?

 found these little beauties---
i forgot i even ever had them!  it's like christmas for me!  i really love philosophy and these are brand new!

AFTER (bathroom sink):

i can fit so much more in these areas now and that little bit of time and effort sure has a way of making this girl feel better!

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Amanda said...

I love that you are humble enough to show us all your "before" pictures of your spring cleaning projects!! It feels good knowing that I'm not the only one with crowded spots around my house :) Keep up the good work!