stenciled summer tablerunner

she's at it again!  that sister of mine (emily) has created another of her oh-so-cute and easy projects.

don't they look like they belong on the cover of a magazine......oh wait they were!

you might remember i introduced you to her work with fabric rosettes:

or her brown paper stair redo:

here's a couple of new wreaths she made (aren't they just adorable?!):

and today's project is my new favorite---a stenciled summer table runner

1.  cut piece of fabric to desired length and width (you can hem the edges if you aren't going for the shabby chic look)

2.  using a stencil stamp (this one from a local store by donna downey), acrylic paint, and small paintbrush, dab paint onto stamp, press on fabric, and then fill in more completely using the paintbrush. 

3.  easy peasy!......and so cute, too!

i'm in love with the center piece and those darling birdie tea lights.

here are a couple of really cute stencils that i want to do something with in the near future.  check them out for yourself!

i created a similar stencil print in photoshop that you can download and make into your own stencil if you want to.  here's some directions for doing so-----printing and cutting your own stencil.

thank you, emily, for inspiring me to be creative once again!

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www.brendayoder.blogspot.com said...

Andi - I love your blog! So beautiful and creative! Just like your mother! You girls are all so talented. Blessings to your whole family!