stacked flower pots tutorial

stacked flower pots tutorial

i found this idea @ positively splendid and couldn't quit thinking dreaming about it!  i just had to make one for the vacant spot in my flower bed where a big bush died last fall. 

3 terracotta/clay planter pots (mine are from ikea and so cheap!)
thompson's water seal spray
2 colors of spray paint (mine is rustoleum ultra cover 2X in satin finish)
dropcloths/ newspaper
bricks (i used empty paint cans)
smashed pop (as we mid westerners call it) or soda (as the rest of the world calls it) cans
potting soil

step 1:  spray the inside of the pots with thompson's water seal--let dry

step 2:  spray paint the pots according to the paint directions--preferably outside on a sunny gorgeous day.  you will want the largest and smallest pot painted the same color--let dry.

step 3:  put an empty gallon paint can inside the biggest pot and smashed soda cans around it for drainage.  i think this is much better than putting rocks or something similar, because it makes the pot so much lighter to lift if needed.  fill with potting soil.

continue the same thing for each of the pots (i used a quart paint bucket for the middle pot and only soil and cans for the smallest one.

step 4:  stack each of the pots on top of the next.  i created a bit of a hole for each one to sit snugly into. 

step 5:  fill with flowers, water, and enjoy!

i really enjoy planting and tending to my flower bed.  i would looooovvvee to have a garden someday.


hosta (from aldi $4.99)

begonias (my fav)

a girl's gotta work with what she has...(even if it is only 8 square feet!)

the whole she-bang


Kim said...

Looks great! Might have to try the stacked pot idea - great idea! Your flower bed looks marvelous!

CreationsForEleanor said...

I love it! The previous owner of our house left so much junk behind in the garage, however he was generous enough to leave oodles of clay pots. I have been painting them, but I LOVE the stacked look! Thanks so much for sharing

Courtney said...

I love this idea, it looks so great and so easy to do!!

Ashley said...

i made this! love it!

Mimi said...

Love the stacked look AND the colors you used. So lovely!

Gail said...

hmmmm, I'm thinking about a vacant corner of my garden, your helpful tutorial is giving me ideas how to fill the corner. I like your combination of colors in pots and flowers.
I'm going to use colors of salmon vinca, purple basil, and lime potato vine.