11 weeks 'til summer cleaning and organizing challenge--garage

looking for may's cleaning/organizing calendar?  click here.

the garage befores and afters from last week's 11 weeks 'til summer challenge series.

the garage,


and cluttered


deer antler's hung...check! 
(not my idea of cool decor, but the garage was better than my living room)

that's was about the extent of our garage clean out.....we didn't do too much to it, but we did:
1.  sweep the floor
2.  reorganize the shelves
3.  throw out a few unneeded or broken items
4.  and take out our summer supplies to get it ready for use (can you say beach chairs!!!..woot)

even with that quick spruce up, it looks a lot better and makes me smile every time i walk out there.

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Schleiden Family said...

This is impressive. The garage is sort of J's domain so I don't dare try to touch it. It really could use a good cleaning though - I'm not even sure what we have in there! Good job friend!