milestone monday--plan a family summer vacation

 ~if you are new to milestones & memories, each monday i do a post that updates you on how we are doing at accomplishing our family goals/milestones.  here's a complete list if you are interested.  thanks for stopping by~


if you couldn't tell.....
i'm a bit excited.
because we are indeed taking a week-long family vacation this summer!
it was all very touch and go there for awhile.
we thought we would just do a couple of long weekend trips close to home,
because of Jon's summer session, etc.
but as of today, we are officially going to our favorite place for a whole week, and with some of our favorite people, nonetheless!

there will be lots of this going on with these two


want to know the wierdest part of it all?
i'm actually super excited to start to plan the menu and see how low i can get our grocery budget (i know, it's a sickness, i think).  last year, my family went to the beach (5 families/12 people--5 of which are good-eating men) and each family only spent around 80 dollars on groceries for the week!

our house is 700 feet from the beach, has a private pool, hot tub, and separate rooms for the kiddos!

i am so looking forward to a relaxing, calm, cool, and collected week away with our family (now, let's just pray jon's work doesn't rev up just in time for him to not be able to go---eeek!)

on another milestone note:  
i hate to put this in writing, because i know it will jinx it, but.....
(ok, or at least close to it with the numero uno~)

i started with undies only on friday at 4:00pm and did it all the time we were home this weekend.
she only peed on the floor twice and all of the rest of the times were successful (she even pooed once!).
i don't know about you, but that's a huge milestone for me that i have been dreading to teach since day 1.
we'll keep trucking along with it and let you know how it's going.

there's been lots of reading on the pot,

 elmo's potty time watching,

and smiley face-drawing.
(i give her a small one for pee and a big one for poo.  she also gets a chocolate chip!)

any words of wisdom from you mommies who have potty training down to an art?  i'd love to hear your suggestions!


Amanda said...

Good job on the potty training!!! Feels good to have that done, doesn't it? :)

Rachel said...

Potty training is work! Especially for the momma. :) And, I've discovered it isn't a one time thing it's a daily weekly month long thing. But, there'll come a day when it's done!

Lovely post. And lovely vacation planning.


Anonymous said...

Congrats on the progress! It's a lot of work and can be beyond frustrating but I think consistency is the key and it is VERY rewarding!! I think it would be so much harder with another one running around! Good luck!!

Your week long vacation sounds amazing!! Especially after getting a taste of some gorgeous weather today!!