mother's day 2011

i'm a blessed momma.......

blessed to be a mom to her.....

blessed to be his "baby momma"

and blessed to be a new mother to my littlest sweetie pateetie!

i'm also blessed to have a great mom who raised me and shaped my life in so many ways.....

and a loving and dear mother-in-law who encourages me and supports our family in every way.

happy mother's day to my grandma's, moms, and all the other mothers (or future moms) reading this! 

oh and i just have to say....
thank you to my favorite husband (heehee) who made this weekend and day so special!  you know how hard it is to do the "mommy job" 24/7 and make me feel appreciated every day. 

love yee!

may i mention, he went to the city during  a busy work day to get these (it is a 1.75 hour drive r/t!)
= feeling so loved!


Mary said...

Great shots and mmm those goodies look delish!
Is that a whole new camera and lens? I'm JELI!!!
I need one... Enjoy your Mama's day :)

Anonymous said...

Looks like you had such a great Mother's Day!!