photo friday #1 & giveaway winner announced

i was thinking......
that since i have this amazing camera now...
i should really learn how to use it and start seriously documenting our daily "memories" (hence the name of this blog).   

i'm about as amateur of a photographer as you can be....no high school class, no friend who has given me tips, not even much "googling" on the topic, but i'm a fast learner and willing.

so, i'm going to start a series where i will display the week's events in pictures and along the way try and figure out foreign photography lingo like
"shutter speed," and

this week is strictly on "auto...." although, i did use the "auto with no flash" a few times---i know, daring!
(no photoshopping and straight out of the camera-----i'm sure you can tell)







want to join me in documenting our weekly "memories?" 
create your own "photo friday" post (anything photography related--even just a couple of pictures), and  link to my party.

i can't wait to learn from your expertise!

please link back to this page  so that others can party with us!

(please make sure that you link to the url address of your "photo friday" post and not to your general blog page)

oh....and the winner of the rosette necklace is............

drumroll please........
comment #8!
And I will be blogging about this in the next couple days :)

congratulations erin, email me with your address so i can get it to you soon!

1 comment:

Erin said...

Ahhhhh oh my gosh I am excited! My first ever blog giveaway win :) Thank you thank you! And great pictures, your new camera works like a charm it looks like!