watching motherhood

those eyes.....
they are watching me
every. single. second......
she believes she is a mother to her "baby."
she shushes like me,
she bounces like me,
she tries to feed like me (although the belly button doesn't work too well),
she even lays the doll down to sleep like me (it is a distinct way of doing so, but i've got the don't-wake-him-up method down pat).
my prayer is that what she sees
will encourage her to be a better mother someday.
how humbling are those dark, watching eyes.........

i'm entering a photography contest at:
the theme this week is "motherhood"
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Anonymous said...

I love this take on the theme. The eyes completely drew me in. My daughter is the same way, always watching, little sponges!

Olivia Grace said...

Adorable babies!!!! How sweet!