11 weeks 'til summer cleaning and organizing challenge--dresser drawers & freezer

11 5 weeks until the official beginning of summer!  whoohoo, we are getting closer, and we are getting cleaner!

this is week 5/6  in the milestones and memories 11 weeks 'til summer spring cleaning challenge

last week's challenge was dresser drawers (they are mostly clean, but no pictures, sorry!)  it's been way too nice outside to spend much time in my dark bedroom)

this week's challenge was the freezer.



and dirty! 
i honestly don't think i've actually "cleaned" it out since we moved in.....4 years ago!
(hey, just keepin' it real, people)

AFTER: (this took no time at all.....i really shouldn't have waited so long)

now there is actually space to put more food
(who knew!) 

ahhhhh, now tell me that doesn't make a person feel better!
hurry, go clean out yours and come back and tell me you did.
i said, hurry!



you'll be glad you did :) 


Amanda said...

this is sort of a dumb comment, but it looks like, in the picture of the freezer door before you cleaned it, that you have a ziploc bag of something that has "nothing" written on it. I find that somewhat funny :) Freezer looks nice by the way!

andi said...

hahaha, i'm chuckling about that too now :). it actually means applesauce with "nothing" added. oh, silly me. thanks for finding the humor in the little things--that's why we love you!