here are my "milestones" or goals that my family and i are looking forward to in our future.  even so, we do not forget to enjoy our reality and the memories being made each day in our present.

major milestones: 

1.  spend time in the Word every day

2.  move "home" to Indiana (or at least a lot closer than we are now)
3.  become a debt free family (including paying off a house)

4.  finish MBA degree (Jon's--he's over halfway finished already)

5.  help the poor and orphaned (this sounds so broad, but my heart has really been spoken to about this subject and i'm serious about actively doing something about it--more to come soon)

i'm reading this right now, and it is changing my life!

minor milestones:

1.  go on a family summer vacation (disney will have to wait)

2.  do a mini triathlon (labor day 2011)

3.  have a cleaner and more organized home

4.  learn more about blogging