reusable spring wreath tutorial

everybody and their brother is making a spring wreath these days
(at least it seems that way in craft blogland).
so, not wanting to be left out,
here is my version of the yarn/fabric flower spring wreath:
(oooh, and my flowers are attached with velcro, so you will be seeing this wreath every season but with different accessories!  i love it when i save myself time and money!!!)

1.  foam wreath base
2.  fabrics of your choice (cottons, felt, lace, etc)
3.  accessories of your choice (buttons, ribbon, pearls, etc)
4.  glue gun/glue sticks
5.  velcro
6.  scissors
7.  candle or lighter

Step 1: wrap the base with fabric
i used an unused receiving blanket that someone gave me before R was born.  it is a soft cotton and does well with clinging to the base ---PLUS, it was free and i already had it on hand----PLUS, i think it is a color that will go well with all seasons!

cut strips of the fabric about 1.5-2 inches wide

hot glue both ends of the strips--before and after wrapping

wrap at a slight angle and pull tightly as you wrap

stop the strip toward the back of the base and cut it if it is too long

don't worry about a few wrinkles, i like the "not perfect" look and think it gives texture

step 2:  make the flowers:
here's the twisted rosette tutorial.

cut out 6-7 circles out of the fabric of choice
i run the edges through the flame to sear them.  this helps so that they don't fray as much and it adds an antiqued look to the petals.  this works really well with keeping ribbon from fraying.

cut out a circle base made of a coordinating felt color

arrange by overlapping and hot glue them together and on top of the felt base

add accessories like pearls, buttons, lace, leaves, etc

hot glue a velco strip to the back of each flower
step 3:  assemble complete wreath

hot glue the other side of the velcro strip to the wreath base

add a string of pearls to hang the wreath from (you could also use ribbon or yarn, etc) 

step 4:  hang and enjoy!

the best thing about this wreath is that everything (except the base color) can be changed depending on the season or holiday

1.  the green ribbon is fastened only by the bow and can be untied and changed
2.  the flowers are connected by velcro 
3.  the pearl loop is connected with a twist tie and is easily interchangeable with a pretty ribbon or string

thank goodness spring has finally arrived!
that only means one thing to me,
is well on its way!

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Chelsea said...

Love it! So impressed!

MameyJane said...

This is the cutest wreath I've seen so far. I'm inspired! Thanks for sahring!

Rene' said...

This is so beautiful! I love the colors you picked!