just can't help myself

i'm usually not the braggin" type,
but i have to share these
snuggable (isn't this a country song?)
little kiddos with you all!

enjoy :)

and where did i get this adorable hat, you ask?  it is from hannah's amazing etsy shop, ummashin's goodies.  check it out for yourself.  she has some gorgeous girl's hats and hair accessories as well. 

ps.  he's doing great,......except for the not sleeping so well.  i guess i can't complain, because he's been a wonderful sleeping most of his life.  

seriously, what 2 year old holds their paintbrush/pencil that well?

happy thursday! 


Emily Gorsuch said...

love them!!!!! wish you guys were coming home soon!

andi said...

we're hoping we will be for Easter!

Michelle said...

adorable! i've nominated you for the 'stylish' blogger award :) check out my blog to get the details!