milestone monday--becoming debt free #1

so every most mondays, i will do an update
on what our family is logistically doing
to meet our goals or milestones for the future.

like i said in a previous post,
i'm very much the "doer" of the family.
i like to plan, no actually, i adore planning,
making lists (ooh, i'm getting excited just thinking about it),
and making sure each detail is thought through.
this can be a good personality trait, but also
an annoying one (right, honey?).

anyhoo, i hope to share how we are doing--
good or bad,
on meeting our goals
and maybe you all will get a few tricks or tips
to help you meet your own.


milestone monday--Becoming Debt Free #1


the use of coupons is a strategy that, for me, is a tangible way for me to see how i am saving money, protecting our budget, and working toward being a debt free family.  you might say, "i don't have time to clip, search, print, and match up coupons."  but really, you do.  here are some tips on what i do to make couponing easy, quick, and doable for my family.

Couponing Tips:
1.  i only get the sunday paper with all the coupons (if you want to go all out, get multiple copies)
2.  i clip them sometime during the week and only clip the ones i really will use
3.  i organize them in 4 easy categories: food, toiletries, household items (ie: cleaning supplies, etc), and baby needs.

4.  these are kept in an expandable envelope file booklet. i try to put the newer coupons in the back of that category's file, but you could even organize by expiration date, if you want.  wanna make your own?  check out this pattern for sewing up a quick and easy coupon organizer.
5.  then, i go to this amazing site, Southern Super Savers, and match up my coupons with the store(s) i plan to shop at that week.  jenny @ SSS matches all the deals and specials for the week, with the sunday paper coupons and printable coupons as well.  she has links to most printable coupons and you can print your list right then and there.  it really is a huge time saver!
6.  i mostly shop at harris teeter, giant foods, and target.
7.  pack the coupons you need, and off to the store you go!  a little time saver tip:  organize your shopping list and coupons according to the isles or flow of your grocery store.  this way, you don't have to go searching through the whole stack every time you come to an item you need.  i also mark on my shopping list, which items have coupons with a check just so i know quickly if i need to be looking for a coupon or not.
8.  i particularly use coupons when harris teeter has double super coupons (they will double any coupon that is $0.99-$1.99) and triple coupons (triple the value of any coupon $0.99 or less).  most grocery stores, around here, double coupons all the time as long as they are under $0.99. 
 9.  to also save money on groceries, outside of couponing, i often shop at Aldi foods, because they have really cheap dry goods and produce.  the only down side to that is that it is about 40 minutes from my house (and you have to bag your own groceries--the price you pay for cheapness).
10.  if you want more couponing tips, check out this site and do what works for you.

i believe that couponing is a way for me to be a good steward of the money we are blessed to have. 

my hope is that
couponing leads to
meeting our grocery budget
which leads to
saving extra money
which leads to
paying off more school debt
which gets us a whole lot closer
to living debt free!

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