"i'm worried, but i'm cute!"

that's our boy, serious as ever.  

"cranio....what?"   well, unfortunately, this will be the first of many posts about our sweet Rogan's recently discovered medical condition known as sagittal craniosynostosis (cranio-sin-nos-tosis).  it's when the soft spot on a baby's head closes too early.  the doctor said that is was most likely already closed even before he was born. 

 it's a problem, because, like you can see in the above picture, his head can't grow wider as the brain grows, so it is growing longer.  if left alone, Rogan's head would be very elongated and could even cause brain damage due to the pressure put on the brain--we're talking years, not days or months.  which is the good news....we can do something about this and, Lord willing, go about our lives without too much more thought about it (other than the scar).
there will be a surgery...(March 15) where the doctors will go in and make cuts in his skull bones in order to release the pressure and allow for Rogan's brain to grow properly.  the type of surgery he will be having is called the "pi procedure."  our doctor, dr. myseros, is wonderful and we are trusting him to take great care of our little baby. 
Rogan is so delightful, he's cooing now and smiling.  he sleeps a lot, which is such a blessing for me, who needs my sleep (anyone who has ever lived with me is shaking their head right now) and i just feel so blessed to be his momma.

more info to come as we approach surgery day.

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