do i have to choose?

is it really one or the other?
am i "dreamer" OR a "doer?"
i think you can be both,
but generally people are wired
more toward one end of the spectrum.

for our family,
the hubs is definitely the "dreamer."
he constantly likes to discuss
his grand schemes of places to visit,
things to accomplish, and
goals for the future.

i, on the other hand,
while listening to these plans,
am already calculating in my head
how much it will cost,
the path we'll need to take to get there.

man, i sound like the boring one.....

when we started our relationship
this bothered me,
because i thought
"why discuss it, if you know it will never happen?"
but over the years,
i've come to appreciate
the act of dreaming
and i'm glad that jon's wishful thinking
has rubbed off a bit on me.

"A dream you dream alone is only a dream. A dream you dream together is reality.
                                         --John Lennon

i like dreams AND my reality (my milestones and my memories, hence the name)
so i'm going to go enjoy them both!


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