hollis' 2nd birthday

i know.....i can't believe
it actually came and
went already....Sister is 2 years old!
wow, time flies.

one of the neat things
about living so far away
from my family
is that we get to celebrate things twice.
two birthdays = more fun :)

birthday take 1:
 my sister, emily, made the adorable shirt and hair bow.  
she's a creative girl, and i want to be just like her when i grow up.
(oh, wait, i'm older than her, dang it)
more to come in future posts about her awesomeness.

papa raises sheep on his farm, so Sis got to feed an orphaned lamb its bottle
(totally rad)
birthday take 2:

 got this idea from the betty crocker website
you can find it here

 her two new favorites, baby and bike.
when i say this girl is obsessed with babies,
i'm not even exaggerating the teensiest bit.
(i don't think "teensiest" is a word, but
i kind of like it!)
 how awesome is it that Sister and her daddy 
share the same birthday?
great for them, not so great for momma
who ran around like a chicken with her head cut off
all day, trying to make their day special.
oh well, it's the fun kind of running around.
this project celebrates the wonderful qualities of Hollis.
i asked special people in her life to give me
one word that they thought describes her.
it's proudly displayed in her room now.
i hope it will bring her confidence and joy
in the future about how loved she is 
by her family and friends.

my precious children remind me that
this momma is living a dream right
go enjoy your reality!


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