milestone monday--move "home" to Indiana

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***milestone:  move "home" to Indiana
while there are no actual plans to move from our current home in the suburbs,
we did visit my family and the home i grew up in this past weekend.

 i have so many wonderful memories of growing up on a farm,
the smell of freshly cut hay,
cold mint tea (from the garden),
riding on the tractor,
being woke up by the sound of a horse's hooves on the back country road,
and hours and hours of exploring our 40 acres.

before i get too old (and forgetful),
i figured it would be a good idea to document some of my fondest childhood memories:

spinning on the tire swing

pulling weeds in mom's garden
(maybe that wasn't one of my fondest memories, but a memory nonetheless)

climbing trees
(and falling out of them---that's a story for another day)

 running around our big yards
(those are great until you are old enough to  mow them)

hayloft + 40 yr old ropes + a slab of wood = 
the most dangerous swing imaginable
(but lots of fun!)

looking for kittens and rocking them to sleep

 chasing, clipping, and showing sheep

climbing this huge rock

and just enjoying the quiet life of the country.

will we ever move back to Indiana?
i don't know....but it sure is fun to see our kids' faces when we pull into the farm.
they appreciate it's awesomeness even more because it is so different from our daily lives.
i am happy where my family is
and wherever God leads......there we'll be.

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Michelle said...

these pictures are so great andi!!! makes me feel like i'm back in indiana. ha ha. glad you guys had a good time!! and who knows - maybe God will lead you back there one day :)

Natalie @ NS Pottery said...

Beautiful pictures! Looks like you had a great childhood! :)

Kim Stevens said...

I grew up in Indianapolis until I was about 10....I have fond memories of the Indy 500 - I got to sit in one of the race cars!

Love the pics!! How fun