milestone monday--becoming a debt free family (through lowering our grocery budget)

 ~if you are new to milestones & memories, each monday i do a post that updates you on how we are doing at accomplishing our family goals/milestones.  here's a complete list if you are interested.  thanks for stopping by~

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***milestone:  become a debt free family
A big way we try to tangibly save extra money is through couponing, menu planning, and shopping discount stores like aldi, to lower our monthly grocery budget.

here's the totals for may's grocery trips: 
aldi  $114.33
harris teeter super doubles coupons $28.23
bloom $25.65    $-10.00/25.00 coupon
bloom  $46.01  $-10.00/25.00 coupon
harris teeter  $38.21  triple coupons (would've been $87.61)

Total:   $252.43
* fyi: it includes household items like cleaning supplies but does not include personal toiletries like makeup or contact solution.

this is again almost $100.00 less than our budgeted allotment of $350.00.   
can i get a "woot, woot~!"

and though it's a few days late, i am gladly sharing  my monthly menu guides, etc for june:

here's everything for you to download and adapt for your own family:
click on file-download as--word--save as

june's monthly meal guide 

june's updated meal categories list

what do you do to keep your grocery budget in check?  have you tried any of the recipes and liked them or hated them?  i want to know!  leave me a comment with your tips and i'll give them a try this month!


Kristen said...

Thanks for the follow, I'm now following back. Those are some gorgeous shots!

And way to go in coming in under budget!

Anonymous said...

This is the 3rd month I've used your menu plan for ideas and tried to make my grocery list off this! You are awesome! I may tweak a few things here and there, but this is WONDERFUL!

andi said...

so glad that it is helpful, thanks for letting me know!