celebrate summer--carnival style

i love summer.......

 fairs and carnivals

i'm a 4H girl (ten-year member, baby!) through and through
and this little street fair just brought me back to that exciting time every summer---
my weeks at the FAIR:
elephant ears,
and the sweet smell of hay......
many memories made, many lessons learned--
i love you, summer.


FromTheHeartsOf said...

I adore your blog by the way. Your pictures are fantastic and I love reading about your journey.

Bri @ Mod Memento said...

Beautiful pictures Andi! And I've been meaning to ask... do you use a program for your photo collages? You do such a great job!

:) Bri

andi said...

thanks for the kinds words, girlies! i use photoshop elements (the cheapest version) and just put the edited pictures on a blank 7x7 canvas. i use an action to get the round corners. i'll try and do a photo friday about it sometime soon because it's really easy.