i {heart} my hubby

yes, it's true.....
i love my husband.

and even better than that,
i like him.
i am happiest when we are doing something together (or as a family).
i am thankful everyday that i met him,
moved across the country to live near him,
and spend my life beside him.

with father's day coming up (june 19),
i find myself reflecting on the ways i appreciate jon as the father to our children:

1.  the way he loves his little girl:

his gentle touch
he even brushes her hair at bedtime.....i know, too much sweetness!

his playful spirit--
he admits he's a bit of a kid himself....

his love for adventure

 his patience when teaching her something new

and his good example of a man who loves Christ.
love their shadows!
2.  the way he loves his little guy:

his ability to see humor in any situation,

his protectiveness,

his dreams of taking his son hunting and fishing like his dad did,

and his absolute devotion to our family!

is he perfect?
no, but neither am i and he loves me still.
thank you for that and for always choosing us over anything else this world has to offer.

we love you to the moon and back!~

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FromTheHeartsOf said...

Um...father's day is actually next weekend, June 19th. But good for you for being ahead of the game!

Michelle said...

i just did a post on this too! we have pretty great husbands :)

andi said...

woops, got ahead of myself. hey at least i'm not behind the game! :)

Jesse {GoodGirlGoneGlad} said...

This is such a sweet post! How wonderful to see a loving couple. It's hard to find those true love couples anymore. =)

Thanks girl for your sweet comment today!

Bri @ Mod Memento said...

Oh my, what a wonderful post! I love that you publicly give him such praise! That is a beautiful thing.

Kim said...

I'm crying now...thanks! But so thankful that you found such an incredible husband! What a blessing!