thursday ramblins

just have a couple of random things to get out there to my fab readers:

1.  have you seen this amazing deal on living social for two movie theater tickets for $9.00?!!!! 
 around here a movie costs $11.00 just for one person--ouch, i know.....

**note: before you buy this deal, make sure that fandango.com sells tickets to your area theaters. 

click here if you want to get some one-on-one-movie-theater-snugglin'-popcorn-eating fun with your man or bff (did i just say bff?--wow).

2.  tomorrow is "photo friday!"
one, i wanted to remind you to come and link up your anything-photography posts.
 (fyi: the topic is aperture and i have something to share that all newbies are really going to love!)

and two, i wanted to extend an invitation to any photographer (or wannabe--like me) that is interested in doing a guest post about a photography topic of your choice.  i love to learn from others and this is just one way we can spread the knowledge. 

just in case you feel like telling others about "photo friday," here's my button (wink, wink).  but even if you don't, i love you forever, already :).


3.  one last thing
are you a lurker?..........
you know...the girl (or guy) who likes my blog, reads daily or at least weekly, and yet never leaves a comment or doesn't "follow."  don't worry, i was exactly the same way for a long time.  then i realized that i get a lot more out of this "blog world" (jon hates that term, but i can't think of a better way to describe it) and can also give encouragement and support to other bloggers through these really easy ways of communicating. 
i won't be mad if you continue to lurk....
but i will tell you, i'd love to see your pretty face,
know your name, and
have a clearer picture of what kinds of people are reading my stuff. 
(oh, and i follow back!)

not sure how to "follow?" 
just click on the "follow" button in my sidebar (above all the little pictures of people) and follow the directions.  easy peasy!

you can also follow my twitter account @milesandmems
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Jen said...

Hee hee...I'm a lurker! ;-)