first foods

"Robro" had his first stab at real "food" today (aka a little rice cereal with a lot of milk)--it's basically soup, people--not that exciting, but for a momma it's cause for celebration!

i'm celebrating his food-eating accomplishments because:
1.  maybe he'll start sleeping through the night (even though all the docs say it's a myth)
2.  he's growing up (it's a milestone, you know)--i'm celebrating and hating this at the same time
3.  he's just too cute with food all over those chubbo cheeks!

here's a comparison of Sister and Brother eating their first foods:

they must be related,....they both give me that "i'm over it, mom" look.

and just a few more for the cute factor....

i love recording these little memories......
and especially like recording them with my new camera!!!!!!!!!!!!!
yes, the hubs surprised me with an early mother's day gift.....a nikon d3100 with two lenses!  
i have no idea how it works, but even on "auto" it takes a million times better pictures than the old "point and shoot."

here's a few to prove my point:

OLD Camera:

NEW Camera:

ahhh, can't wait to start figuring out this photography thing.

thanks husband!  love you...

{all you seasoned photographers, any suggestions on where to start with learning how to use my fancy shmancy camera?  leave a comment...i need all the help i can get!}

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Chelsea said...

Congrats on the new camera! Way to go Jon! :)