11 weeks 'til summer challenge week 1: junk drawer

week 1:  junk drawer

we all have one, and it probably looks like this:


what is it about pens, rubber bands, (at our house, guitar picks), spare keys, and apparently large bladed knives that can only make their way into the messiest, most unorganized part of my whole house?  of course, everybody needs a place where they can just "throw" everything when company comes over (mine is this drawer and on top of my washer/dryer---now you know my secret!).

i thought that this would be a small first step in our journey to "spring clean" and that's why i picked it as our first week's task in the 11 weeks 'til summer cleaning and organizing challenge.

here's what mine looks like now.....

what i did:
1.  took everything out
2.  wiped out the drawer
3.  tried out every pen and threw away the ones that didn't work anymore (there were quite a few!)
4.  threw away all "trash" items (quite a few of these too)
5.  lined the bottom of the drawer with some pretty scrap fabric
6.  used a plastic food container and old wicker square to house the smaller bits and pens/pencils
7.  arranged the tape/scissors toward the back so that little kiddos can't reach them

now.....if only it would stay this way.......
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Chelsea said...

OK, you've inspired me. I'm going to have to organize my TWO junk drawers now! Nice work on yours... I bet you feel so much better about life now :) I know I would!