awkward and awesome thursday

i always look forward to reading, the lovely, erin's (from Living in Yellow), "awkward and awesome thursday" post.  and this week was just filled of both of these for me, so i thought i would share.

(and check out erin's blog if you aren't already completely in love with it.  you won't be disappointed!)


1.  Sister picking her nose.............in public.....i need not say more.

2.  thinking i had a birthday card for my friend's daughter's birthday gift, but realizing only minutes before going out the door that all i have are thank you notes that say "thanks" on them and then proceeding to write under it "for having a birthday!"  wow, i'm so sorry L, hope you liked the gift though!

3.  being at a friend's house for dinner and realizing that your nursing bra strap has shredded to strings somewhere between home and that moment.....wow, that was awkward.   note: this bra was only a couple weeks old----darn you target lingerie department!  i guess i should've known better...you get what you pay for!

3.  now picture with me if you will.........you are at the grocery store, with a cranky 2 year old, and rushing around because your 4 month old is at home with dad and hungry..(you with me so far?)....you are pushing the cart at an alarmingly fast rate, due to factors discussed above, down the main isle....when out of nowhere darts a cartless woman from a side isle.  in order to refrain from running smack dab into her side, you seamlessly veer around the isle display to the other side of the main isle.  now, normally, this would be the end of the encounter,.....but, friends, this is where it gets awkward.   you continue your quick pace when suddenly, you notice that said woman is also walking (in the same direction) at a very fast speed.......she's right beside you,....you speed up......she speeds up.......this continues for an awkwardly long distance,......you don't look at each other, but you both know........you are racing........and you better believe it....
i won!

1.  joining a gym  (with childcare).  i took an 'intro to spinning' class on saturday and really liked it, but man, did my butt bones hurt the next day.  (this is edging toward being in the "awkward" section :))

2.  the hubs doing the dishes 2 days in a row.  it really doesn't take much to excite me!

3.  getting an awesome comment from a new "blog" friend, bri, from Mod Memento.

         "WOW!! So much in common for sure!! :)
And congrats on joining the gym! Zumba is my FAVORITE way to work out for sure!! Thanks for adding me to your blog list! I am currently working on updating mine and adding a separate page for them. I'll be sure to add yours too. Have a blessed day new friend! ~Bri~"
i love her blog and her prints a lot, a lot!  i so appreciate when big time bloggers take time to acknowledge us newbies.  thanks, bri!

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Megan said...

ha ha ha -- I thought your card was a creative way to use what you already had!!! And of course L didn't mind one bit! :)

Erin said...

So glad to see you are now joining the awkward & awesome world, its about time :) Hilarious about the card..Congrats on winning the race in Aldis. Proud of you cousin..

Shellsea said...

Hiya, I'm a new follower. Just found your blog today. Can't wait to read more.

I love it when someone else does the dishes for me. It's a big deal. Lol


Nick and Amanda said...

ok, I think I figured out how to comment :). New things take me awhile to learn!

Nick and Amanda said...

and actually it's just Amanda commenting :)

t said...

Great post!