good news/ bad news

1. good news:
i signed up for a gym membership today! 
we're talking a full fledged real gym with
a lap pool,
treadmills with their own personal tvs,
zumba and spinning classes,
even a sauna (i won't be using that,...ewww)!

best part?........
it was way cheaper than we had expected/budgeted for.
we got a discount because of where the hubs works. 
oh man, i'm excited and can't wait to start sweating!
other best part?......
mini tri milestone.....watch out.....here i come!!!!!!!!!!

2.   bad news:
update on the car inspection......
$1,100 dollars later,.....
it passed.
booooo, hisssss to cars!
no amount of grocery money saving can make up for that one.
whun whun whaa.

1 comment:

Bri @ Mod Memento said...

WOW!! So much in common for sure!! :)

And congrats on joining the gym! Zumba is my FAVORITE way to work out for sure!!

Thanks for adding me to your blog list! I am currently working on updating mine and adding a separate page for them. I'll be sure to add yours too.

Have a blessed day new friend!