milestones update

thanks, momma, for helping out last week!
happy monday blogger friends!
(yes, i said "happy" and "monday" in the same sentence)
i've never been more excited to see a monday as i am today.
this monday represents a brand spanking new week---that isn't "surgery week."  that's right, R's surgery is over and done and successfully under our belts.

he's doing great and i know i've said it a lot, but i'm just so incredibly thankful...

ok, now on to our regularly scheduled post:
milestone monday, monday, monday!

usually on mondays, i let you in on things i'm doing to get closer to achieving a milestone in my life, but today, i'm going to actually update the list on what those milestones are.  i briefly hinted at a few in my introductory post, but i think i  need a more exhaustive list to keep me on track.

i'm going to divide these milestones into Major Milestones and Minor Milestones.  that doesn't mean one is necessarily more important, but the major milestones will probably take more effort and more time to see to fruition.  minor milestones are important too, though, because i believe you need to always be setting goals for yourself and "little" successes help you keep up the good work.  i think i got that idea from Dave Ramsey's baby steps concept

major milestones:

1.  spend time in the Word every day

2.  move "home" to Indiana (or at least a lot closer than we are now)
3.  become a debt free family (including paying off a house)

4.  finish MBA degree (Jon's--he's over halfway finished already)

5.  help the poor and orphaned (this sounds so broad, but my heart has really been spoken to about this subject and i'm serious about actively doing something about it--more to come soon)

i'm reading this right now, and it is changing my life!

minor milestones:

1.  go on a family summer vacation (disney will have to wait)

2.  do a mini triathlon (labor day 2011)

3.  have a cleaner and more organized home

see what i mean?

4.  learn more about blogging

have you thought about the milestones you want to accomplish?  i want to hear about them!  together we can strive toward these dreams as we enjoy our beautiful realities.  


FromTheHeartsOf said...

Aww I love this. I am in Indiana. What part are you from or hopeing to move back to?

andi said...

northern indiana, where are you?

Chelsea said...

Are you guys going to do the mini tri back here??? If so, yay! :)

andi said...

if i can train enough, that's the plan. al is holding me to my verbal commitment :)

Anonymous said...

Oh you've inspired me! I'll be listing some major and minor goals in the very near future!

So glad your boy is doing so well! God is good :)

Oh and side note, I tried to read that book "Home" from your book club and had a hard time getting in to it. Did you end up reading it?

jstar said...

We are so thankful for God's healing! We are continuing to pray for you guys.

On another note:
Hmmmm...#2. Not sure I like the sounds of that one! ;) We should work on the vacation milestone this summer. OBX!

FromTheHeartsOf said...

I'm from central Indiana.

andi said...

Kayla, i haven't started it yet. yikes, i hope it isn't too bad. sorry for the bad recommendation. i guess i should've read it first! :)

J, you had me at OBX :). thanks for the prayers!

zac said...

hmmmm, like that you have a milestone to help the poor and orphaned - we have a heart link there. would like to talk to you about my convictions in that area sometime and where God has led me. Love your blog!