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i've had a bit of a decorating lull since we initially moved into our 3 bedroom townhouse in july of 2007.  i'm the type of person who likes everything to be done and put in its place right away.  i didn't think i was one to slowly add decor as i live in the house over the years.  my house was completely painted (except for the bathrooms) prior to us even moving in, because who likes to live in a "builder's white" house?  definitely, NOT me.  pretty much all of the wall decor was hung as well from the beginning.  

i guess, because it has been 3 years, or because i have a new baby and am "nesting," i have lately got the bug to start adding decor to the house and changing things around a bit. 

i also was, "coincidentally," recently introduced to the store Home Goods.  this little gem of a store, may or may not have something to do with my newly invigorated need to "spruce things up!"

all this to say, my first area of attack is the bookcases in my living room

here's some inspiration tips i found in organizing, arranging, and decorating bookcases:
 arrange by Color,
image: We Heart It.com

paint the backs of the bookcases,
image: Elle Decor.com via Willow Decor

or wallpaper the backs!
image: Better Homes and Gardens, Oct. 2007

don't just use books,
add interesting knick knacks and mirrors throughout,
image:  Design Sponge
and add dimension,
by pushing the books to the front of the shelf and layering objects and pictures.
image: Southern Living


here's mine and what i'm starting with,
far from the beauts above, but a girl's gotta dream!

happy bookshelf revamping!

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