milestone monday--creating a cleaner and more organized home

does anybody else's house look like this?

or maybe like this?

or even like this?
that's just a bee-bee gun, don't be alarmed.

if your house is spic and span 100% of the time, you have a perfectly planned cleaning schedule, you are superwoman, or you hired a housekeeper, you don't need this and can just go read some of my archived posts.

if, however, those pictures rang even the slightest of bells for you, i'm here to help you (mostly myself)  find an organized, yet simple way to manage all of the mess and clutter!

because i am completely a "type a" personality and lists and calendars float my boat more than almost anything,  i came up with a cleaning and organizing calendar that includes monthly and weekly tasks to guide my cleaning and organizing endeavors.  the calendar is my rendition of one i found at Just Mommies.  

here is the word document so that you can download it and make changes that work for your own home.  (to download:  click FILE--DOWNLOAD AS--WORD--SAVE FILE, then tweek in Microsoft Word and save into your documents)

the red tasks are things i will do on a weekly basis (like every monday i will do laundry and change our bedding---side  note and confession:  this will be significantly more sheet washing than i currently do.  that's embarrassing to type....)

the black tasks will be done monthly and can be moved around as my schedule permits.  i will try and get them done sometime during that week though. 

the yellow, highlighted tasks are part of my "coming soon" 11 Weeks 'Til Summer cleaning series.  it focuses on organizing and cleaning those things i probably do only once or twice a year and is my attempt at "spring cleaning."  like i said, more to come on that soon......

ok, enough talking about all this cleaning......
now i need to go do it in reality (before the munchkins awake)!

happy cleaning, peeps!

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Chelsea said...

I love this idea... so helpful! You are awesome!