...through the eyes of a child....everything is more fun!

today, we went to the zoo with the kiddos and had such a great time.  i love to see how Sister enjoys things now and she just kept saying, "fun...fun."

(note to self:  always make yearly trip to the zoo in early march.  the crowds were small, the weather was cool but not cold, and all the animals were out and happy after being locked away all winter).

we had some really cool experiences viewing the animals:

all the gorillas were outside

and we got to see the new baby gorilla!
the anteater

she was just so excited about everything
(especially the cows and pigs, which she can see all the time at papa's house)

the best part were the lions, because
the baby cubs were out.

the male lion was really regal and was wrestling with the babies.

all in all, it was just a great day!
thanks to the hubs for making it all happen!

oh, and this is what roggie thought about all the excitement 
(don't you just want to eat him up?
maybe it's just me!)

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