surgery day 3

so last night there was this.......

and this morning there was this!

my goodness what a difference one night can do!

as of 7:00 this morning, rogan is 
peeing on his own (no catheter),
taking only oral medicines for pain as needed (tylenol with codeine),
opening both eyes (or as wide as his naturally squinty eyes can be open),
eating well,
moving around (and pulling off sensors),
and ready to go home!

i know it looks gross, but everyone is saying the incision looks "great."  eww, i don't know about "great."

they are telling us that we will go home sometime today.  we are waiting on the final blood tests, but dr. myseros has cleared us to go home as long as the tests are good.  

he doesn't seem to be in a lot of pain and generally just his happy self.  

the Lord has seen us through a rough couple of days, but we are so blessed and thankful for His continued provision and peacethank you to all of the people (and when i say ALL, i mean hundreds, from all over the country, and most of my home county) who were praying and calling and texting and emailing their kind words and thoughts this week.  you all made this so much easier to endure.  

it's so great to be on the other side of the surgery and well on our way to a full recovery!

**update**  we are home as of 2:00pm today!  we have a prescription for tylenol with codeine and he is doing really well.  we gave him a little sponge bath (targeting his head).  man, it is coated and matted down with this nasty iodine-glue stuff that they use during the surgery to disinfect.  it may be days of scrubbing before that stuff comes off.  it was nice to clean him up a bit though and he is now sleeping like a baby! 


Tammy @ Type A said...

you poor brave Momma! I'm so glad he is recovering so well. He is beautiful. Sending all my best wishes to you and yours! xx

Schleiden Family said...

He is looking great! I'm so glad he is doing well enough to go home! What a tough, sweet little guy. :) We are praying for you all!

Megan said...

Wow, Rogan looks great! I hope going home goes well. We're saying prayers that his recovery keeps going so well.

Sarah St. Andre said...

He looks amazing in these pictures from today! SOOO glad you are coming home!

Jennifer said...

I loved the before and after pictures. How wonderful! I know that you both must feel so much more re leaved to be @ home.

Aunt Jen said...

Oh Andi, he has done marvelous!! He looks so much better than yesterday, it is amazing, God's healing power! So happy that you all got to go home already today. Blessings on you as you care for him and he continues to heal. So glad you got to have your mom and auntie and cousin there, too. Hugs to you all! Love Aunt JEN