surgery day 1: midday

the surgery went well,
dr. myseros said that it went exactly as planned,
no blood transfusion,
no tearing of the dura (brain lining),
and no unexpected brain sightings.  (all possible outcomes during the surgery)

thank you, Jesus, for protecting my little baby and guiding us all through this seemingly "long" morning.

here he is in recovery @ about 10:30 am:

the doctor did say they had a difficult time getting the IV's in for the surgery.  they ended up having to do a central line up by his clavicle bone because of that.  he also has a catheter.  in the recovery room, we got to see him and he slept peacefully until he was moved to the PICU.

PICU @ 2:00 pm:

now, he's in the PICU (pediatric intensive care unit) and on morphine and tylenol.  he woke for a couple of minutes and was wimper-crying.  it was really sad to see him so sad.  then, the morphine kicked in and he accepted his beloved paci and now we are sitting at his bedside and waiting for what comes next. 


Michelle said...

glad to see your little rogan is doing well!!! i'll be praying for a speedy recovery! :)

Mary said...

Oh such wonderful news glad everything went well and keeping you all in my PT&P..
He looks so sweet considering this difficult time..
Stay strong :) hugs

Anonymous said...

Been praying for you guys all day! What a trooper! Hope you guys are home soon!