quick, cheap bathroom spruce up!

because i had nothing else to worry about or do this weekend................(insert sarcastic grin)....

i decided to spruce up our guest bathroom in preparation for my surgery-week visitors.  Yay!  i can't wait for my mom, aunt and cousin to get here tomorrow night!

this was really quick and i did it all during 3 nap times.

it was also really cheap.

cost breakdown:
wall paint:  Home Depot $5.00/gal.  (in the returned color section, love it!)
frames:  Goodwill  $12.00
birds:  Micheals $3.00
spray paint: Micheals $5.99
flowers:  my sister's wedding reception $ free

grand total$26.00

so that's what i started with this weekend.
builder's white walls,
white cabinets (painted a few months ago)
a gold shower curtain,
a vase of silk flowers.

i perused the section at Home Depot where people return paint that they didn't decide to use (that's a nice way of saying they didn't like the color).  hey, it's all the better for me!  i got this gorg color for only $5.00.  Woot! it was an expensive kind of paint too, so it went on great and only needed one coat.

then, to goodwill i went and picked up these frames:

i painted them with indoor/outdoor white semi-gloss spray paint

and glued those darling birds on with hot glue 

next, i traced the frames on paper, cut them out, and arranged them on the wall with painter's tape

this technique saves lots of time, because i just nail over the paper and then rip it off

continued for all frames

 glued a stem of berries and another bird to the mirror


and all for less than $30!

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Melissa B. said...

Your mom and I just chatted at church today about how stinking cute and crafty you are! Love the blog!! Lifting you guys up in prayer this week!

emily said...

i loveeeeeeeeeeeeeeee this! :)

andi said...

i learned from you, sissy!

Chelsea said...

creative and lovely! nice work! :)

Anonymous said...

I love that purple! Very nice! I had no idea you could buy paint that someone returned!