milestone monday #4--pre-op week and grocery update

bit of a different *milestone monday* today--usually i'm discussing dreams that i am wishing for or hoping will come to fruition.  this one, i'm dreading and wishing it didn't have to be true......

we are approaching the milestone of Brother's craniosynostosis surgery which is scheduled for march 15th.  wednesday is our pre-op meeting with dr. myseros.  we are anticipating learning more details about the surgery itself, the preparation going into it, and more about the recovery process.  we will also be setting up a time for jon and i to give blood in case Brother needs a blood transfusion (these are pretty common with this surgery---scary, i know!)  

....and of course, the ominous CONSENT forms........ 
dun, dun, dun
geez, those things are scary.
i don't even want to think about what i am consenting to (ie. not suing if my child...(you know, i can't even type the words)..., etc).

we are 

it's all we can do.
for i trust that the Lord will watch over him, and us,
as we meet this milestone head on and are hopefully soon on the other side toward a full recovery!

please pray that Robro does not get a cold or anything between now and then, as that would postpone the surgery.

thank you to all those who are praying for us and will continue to support us through the next couple of weeks! 
God is Good, ALL the Time!!

on another note:
here's what i bought at the grocery store this week

and using sales and coupons,
here's what i paid @ harris teeter.
(it would have been $53.85 without sales and coupons)

add that to last week's aldi trip,
and here's our monthly total so far.
(it doesn't look that great because i bought everything at the beginning of the month. but  if the under-$40 receipts continue each week, we'll be on target for our $350/month grocery budget)


FromTheHeartsOf said...

I will be praying for your little boy and hopeing all goes well for you all.

It pales in comparison, but I am your newest follower from the blog hop.


Thanks so much and god bless!

Nancy StylenDecorDeals.blogspot.com said...

Thanks for following me. I'm following back! As we all try to promote our blogs, it is easy to forget that all of us have real lives with real problems.
You are in my thoughts and prayers! I hope everything goes well with your son's surgery. Let me know if you need anything. I'll check your blog to see if I can follow you on Twitter or Facebook. If you like giveaways, I have a Cheerios gift pack giveaway right now. Not too many entries. Here's the link!
Please keep your readers posted on your son's surgery.

Nancy StylenDecorDeals.blogspot.com said...

I'm trying to add your button to my blog, but it says "disabled" when I right click to copy it??
If you can copy it, send it to me:
apple 7555 at gmail dot com

Christie @ A Lemon Squeezy Home said...

I'm glad you found the blog as well! My husband and I often talk about those couple of really hard days, and it really is so amazing how quickly our Bailey seemed to recover. I hope and pray that everything will go wonderfully for you. It is so scary.

As far as what I wish I was prepared for more...it's hard to hear, but I wish I had been a bit more prepared for the pain she would go through--it's so hard to hear that, but I really didn't expect her to go through so much pain, so hopefully you can be prepared for that, but it was only 2 really hard days for her--ONLY is a horrible word to use when you are looking at your precious little one suffering (it brings tears to my eyes remembering it now). But I am so thankful it wasn't longer than that. I don't think I have anything else to add to that, although I think my husband and I handled it very differently--I needed some comfort from him more than he thought I would, I think.

Best wishes--I hope your sweet son recovers wonderfully and I know God will be with your family at this hard time!

Mary said...

Found you through Mingle Mondays.

Awww my heart goes out to you.. I can't imagine what your going through. I will keep you in my T&P he is really so sweet.. big big Hugs
I am also trying the whole shopping thing lets see how I can keep up :)

Kim said...

I love your blog. I love that you have this outlet to post your dreams, your fears, your helpful tips etc. etc. I love this verse in Isaiah - I am the Lord your God who takes you by the right hand and helps you! Isn't that great?? Hold tightly to that hand sweetie and trust that He will bring you all through this!!! Rogan is in great hands - in the gentle grip of the great physician!! We will keep praying!