blessed with the best

hollis and rogan
are truly blessed
with the greatest
grandparents on both sides.

there's nana and pap
who live near us and
love on them
they always say they need
their "Hollis fix"
which i find so

then there's mamaw and papa
who live in indiana
but are always close at heart.
check out Hollis' newest joy from them!
it's a book that reads to her in papa and mamaw's voice!

they threw in some "Papa loves yous" and "Mamaw loves yous"
whenever she hears those words, she says, "yah" and gives me this look
....blessed babes, indeed.
thanks grandparents for
sharing in our children's lives!


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Erin said...

So excited to see you have a blog! I did not realize you had started one! I love it and will be anxiously awaiting future posts from you!