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wowsie, i'm excited to have bri here from mod memento.  you aren't going to believe how photo-savvy this girl is and not only does she take beautiful pictures, she also designs adorable personalized prints like this:

and this:
and my favorite, this:

bri is currently on a break from the shop, but she will reopen and you can sign up to be notified when she does. 
Hi everyone!  It's a pleasure to be a guest blogger on Milestones & Memories today!  I have been enjoying all of Andrea's helpful photography posts and am honored to add a few of my own little tips for you today!

My name is Bri and I am a stay-at-home mommy of two and the owner & designer of an Etsy shop called Mod Memento (currently closed for a short break!).  I also have a passion for taking great photographs for my Blog.   I am certainly not a professional, but I do consider myself a photojournalist.  And you can be too!

Today, I'm going to offer some advice for capturing those everyday, run-of-the-mill moments with your children.  You know those moments throughout your day that are seemingly mundane or repetitive?  And sure, maybe your kids aren't dressed in their best or your house isn't perfectly organized.  But those moments are worth freezing in time!   And they become your personal photo journal of real life.

Yes, even just small glimpses of your morning routine or your baby's footy pajamas will someday make your heart melt into a puddle.  That's the magic of photojournalism!  And thankfully, you don't have to be a professional in order to successfully document your children's young lives.

Someday I promise you'll look back and cherish those photos just as much as you do the ones where they're wearing a graduation cap, or a soccer uniform, or a ballerina's tutu!   I want Moms to get away from the stigma that you must take your child to the portrait studio every 6 months in order to capture their childhood years.  Those pictures are wonderful, yes!  But what are some specific things that you'll want to remember about them and their budding personalities in between those portrait sessions? 

Throughout the day, I try to remember the little things about my kids that I am going to miss someday when they grow out of the stage that they're currently in.  What makes them laugh?  What keeps them occupied?  What are your daughter's favorite shoes or your son's favorite blankie?  What is something new they learned this week?  Take pictures of all these things!  They tell a story about your everyday living.

What are some ways to stay inspired & motivated to capture these kinds of moments as they happen?  

First of all, I like to keep my camera CHARGED at all times!   What a bummer to reach for your camera in the midst of an amazing moment only to find that your battery is dead and the moment has passed.  

Secondly, keep your camera in a place that is accessible at all times!  This means NOT in a camera bag in the back of your closet.  Keep your camera out in a visible place (beyond the reach of tiny hands of course).   And when you're done snapping a few brilliant photos of your daughter decorating cookies, then place your camera back in the same landing spot that you had it before.  That way, you'll always know where it is the next time you need it. 

What if I'm not good at identifying those "photo-worthy" moments throughout the day?

I find that if I take some time to jot down some things I love and want to remember about my children at their current stage, it's a natural next step to watch for those favorite qualities being displayed in our everyday interaction.   Sometimes photo ops happen out of the blue and when you least expect them.  But sometimes a little extra thought ahead of time doesn't hurt.

Here are few additional prompts to get your ideas flowing:

What is their current favorite toy? 
What do they look like when they first wake up in the morning? 
What is your favorite thing about their bedroom?
What is their expression when learning something new?
Where is their favorite place to go?
How do they interact with their siblings?  With their Daddy?  Their grandparents?

One last tip.... don't forget to include your beautiful face in these photos too sometimes!  Someday, your kids will love seeing pictures of what you looked like in their early years.

Now.....go out and be inspired to find your inner Photojournalist!!

thank you, bri, for the great tips on being a photo journalist in our own homes.  i  appreciate the way you  capture those special moments in your children's lives and am inspired to try and do the same!

{i'm going to post our week-in-review photos tomorrow since i have a bunch from memorial day, my sister's visit, zoo, etc.....we've had a busy and fun week.  check back tomorrow for the photopalooza!}

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Michelle said...

wow! how awesome of a guest post!!! that's so great andi!!!

Bri @ Mod Memento said...

Thanks for having me Andi!! :)

Erin said...

This is an awesome post-I love all the pictures of her kiddos :) Congrats on having such a wonderful woman grace your blog!! Can't wait to see your pictures tomorrow!

Dreaming Hollow Photography said...

Hi! I just discovered your link party and thought it would be fun to join. Thanks for your comment on my site: http://www.dreaminghollowphotography.com

Fun to inspire each other, photography is one of my greatest passions and I love to share it and learn from others! =)

Kim Stevens said...

I followed the yellow brick road to get here...I think I started out at the Coffee Shop!

I started doing Foto Friday's on my blog in January of this year, and am excited to follow along with others as well! Let the fun begin . . .

Jamye said...

I came here via Bri's blog--we're friends and photography buddies and I am always inspired by her ability to capture the everyday in artful ways.
Thanks for stopping by www.mothervoices.com. I don't typically do photo posts but it seemed right this time; thanks for letting me share it on your friday photo link party.

Jesse {GoodGirlGoneGlad} said...

I love these tips! Thanks Bri!!