in lieu of a father's day card

*reposted from a couple weeks ago.....an oldie, but a goodie (and also jon's father's day card)*

yes, it's true.....
i love you, husband.

and even better than that,
i like you.
i am happiest when we are doing something together (or as a family).
i am thankful everyday that i met you,
moved across the country to live near you,
and spend my life beside you.

 i so appreciate you as the father to our children:

1.  the way you love your little girl:

your gentle touch

your playful spirit--

your love for adventure

 your patience when teaching her something new

and your good example of a man who loves Christ.
love their shadows!
2.  the way you love your little guy:

your ability to see humor in any situation,

your protectiveness,

your dreams of taking your son hunting and fishing like your dad does,

and your absolute devotion to our family!

thank you  for always choosing us over anything else this world has to offer.

we love you to the moon and back!~
happy father's day 2011

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