random stuff to share

just some stuff i've been wanting to share with you....

1.  lookie, lookie, what i got in the mail today!  love the chevron and bold prints.  my life (and house) needs some color in it.  i'm hoping to use some of this to decorate the spare room  (sneak peak to what i'm doing to the main wall--below)

2.  look closely,....and you can probably figure out what i'm attempting to do in the spare room---that's right, hand painted wallpaper!  more to come.......soon (i hope).

3.  i've been meaning to share with you about this really cool opportunity my aunt, Kim, has writing for an online magazine called girlfriendit.com.  here's her latest article and yes, i need to be a better listener, too!

4.  i've accepted the 30 day challenge (for wives) and am doing it along side a new blog friend, marie, from the linc between us
 What is the 30 Day Challenge? …well, for each of the next 30 days:
* You can’t say anything negative about your husband …to your husband…or to anyone else, about your husband.
* Say something that you admire or appreciate about your husband…to your husband…and to someone else, about your husband!

you can read more about each of the 30 days at revive our hearts. how about you?  are you up for the challenge?  leave me a comment if you are so we can encourage one another!

5.  my newest obsession = pinterest don't know what it is?  only the best idea ever, that's what!  it's basically a website where you can find inspiration photos for everything from home decor to fashion to food and tons more.   you can follow my "pins"  here.  these are my favorite finds from last night's "pinning" fest.

6.  last, but not least, tomorrow is "photo friday" here at milestones & memories.  it's going to be a good one (and a guest poster--who actually gets paid for taking photos!).  come and link up any photo-related post you have from this week.  don't make me beg.........but paaaaleeassseee don't let me be the only link in my own link party again this week! :)
that was pathetic....
moving on.......


still with me?
phew that was a lot of sharing!
thanks for listening....or reading....or just skimming the pictures :)


alison said...

this is the second time i've heard someone talking about pinterest. i am trying my best to stay strong and keep out of that....but i'm really intrigued! and definitely interested in what you are going to do with those awesome fabrics :)

zac said...

Andi, thanks for pointing your readers toward girlfriendit.com. Good stuff. I am loving your pics! You are doing great with your camera and the pics of Rogan are super - but then how can you go wrong with such subject matter. I'd love to post something about photography but I'm so short on time. If I have time today I'll try to get something to you.