photo friday--lighting & link party!

front lighting or back lighting?

now that is the question.

seeing as how i NEVER paid attention to lighting before i got my new camera, this is an en'light'ening discovery for me (hardy, har, har)!
like i've said many a time,
i don't know squat about photography,
but i'm armed with a new DSLR,
a big interest in learning, and
two extra cute models who are dreading my every click.

that said, i'm going to pretend to know something about lighting.
though i have done some research on the subject and experimented a bit,
i still have lots to learn....here goes.

front lighting:  when the photographer is between the subject and the sun (i think of it as the sun is shining in "front" of the subject--most likely right into their squinty eyes)

many people say this is where you can get your clearest, brightest pictures.

back lighting:  when the subject is between the photographer and the sun (i think about it as the sun is "behind" the subject.)

the subject appears darker and more three dimensional when back lit, which many photographers actually prefer (like the pioneer woman---love her and she knows so much about everything!)

for a really great article on embracing back light, read this article at i heart faces.

so what kind of lighting do you like in your photos?  are you a front lit or back lit kind of gal/guy?
leave a comment and share your reasoning.
i'm a sponge for photography knowledge!

our week-in-review photos:



sunday: i was sick as a dog, so i'll just show you another one from saturday
birthday boy!

i took Jamie's advice and shot up close

how i love these streams of light!


ok, now....link up your photography-related post so we can learn something new from you!  it would be awesome if you put my button in your post or sidebar while you're at it!  thanks, muah~

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Erin said...

Great pictures once again-I love all your tips you are giving!! Also, I linked up today. It is a recipe but I stuck a ton of pictures in there so I hope that counts as eligible? Have a great holiday weekend!