antiques galore!

saturday.....glorious saturday! 

the hubs and i dropped off the kids (with nana and pap--not just on the side of the road or something)
and took a stroll to the country
away from the hustle,
to a small town that reminds me of home.
an antique festival ,
knick knacks, vintage fabrics, refurbished furniture, and so many good photo ops!

sadly, i did not buy all of these lovelies.....
this is the only thing i walked away with:

and at a whopping $0.50, nonetheless.

but, i was going mostly to get ideas/inspiration, spend a gorgeous spring day with my husband, and to see a big-time blogger who i just recently found out is located in my neck of the woods-- MISS MUSTARD SEED.  i know, she's like totally famous, and has the most beautiful furniture, and she's a christian, too! 

Miss Mustard Seed's Creative Blog

i walked through her booth twice, but didn't get a chance to talk to her....i'm shy, you know :).
it didn't matter because it was just so fun to see her stuff firsthand.

we also saw the primitive & proper booth and all their goodies as well. so cool!

the day couldn't have been more perfect.......especially because i got to spend it with my favorite guy.

oh one more thing.....i'm over the moon excited to be guest blogging at A Glimpse Inside today.....it's highlighting more antiquing treasures (i actually bought).  come over and check it out and the rest of Allison's fabulous blog while you're at it. 


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Chelsea said...

Hey love! You got some great shots, and it looks like you and Jon had a great day! So cool you got to go to Miss Mustard Seed's booth too!