milestone monday--updates and real life

so here is how i'm doing on the milestones so far this month:  (some ok, some not so ok, but hey....this is real life, folks).  

at least you'll probably feel better about yourself after reading this :).

major milestones: 

1.  spend time in the Word every day-----update:  i'm not in the Word nearly as much i want to be---like pretty infrequently, actually..........  i have all kinds of excuses why i don't do it---not enough time (though i have time to type this post), too busy, need a structured reading program, too tired, etc, etc.  none of them are good excuses and, honestly, i feel like a failure.  thankfully, i serve a good God who's mercies are new every day and who waits patiently for me to seek Him.

2.  move "home" to Indiana (or at least a lot closer than we are now)----update: does visiting for Easter count? :)
3.  become a debt free family (including paying off a house)---update: our grocery budget is looking good this month, only $220 so far and next week i'm going to try a "use only your pantry to make dinner" challenge.  the extra money will go to jon's school loan!

4.  finish MBA degree (Jon's--he's over halfway finished already)---update:  seems like it will never end....we have one year + a summer session left.  go husband! 

5.  help the poor and orphaned (this sounds so broad, but my heart has really been spoken to about this subject and i'm serious about actively doing something about it--more to come soon)---update:  made some small monetary donations to World Vision this month, and so excited for our church's Feed the Hungry day on May 14th! 

minor milestones:

1.  go on a family summer vacation--update:  not much in the works, officially, but we are thinking about taking a few long weekend trips to places within a 2-4 hour radius from our home. 

2.  do a mini triathlon (labor day 2011)---update:  well we joined a gym, but i've only been there 4 times....i'm majorly out of shape, people.  having two babies in less than 2 years will do that, i guess.  yep, another "failure."  at least it's a step in the right direction, right?....right?

3.  have a cleaner and more organized home--- 

update:  the picture says it all....although, i have kept up with the 11 weeks 'til summer challenge, my calendar isn't getting completed on the planned days, but i'm getting a few extra things done every week.  how's the calendar working for you all?  am i the only one who creates lists and calendars only to not do them and then feel bad? 

4.  learn more about blogging---update:  learned how to format my blog template (edit HTML), make a link party, and make a blog background.  i have to admit, i'm a bit proud of my technologically challenged self! :)

all this to said, i'm not perfect or even close.
i spend too much time watching tv
i don't always talk the nicest to my husband.
and i sometimes eat more than 3 cookies in one sitting....

i'm just "normal" and i'm not going to beat myself up for where i didn't quite meet my expectations this month, but i will keep striving to live my life honoring to the Lord and encouraging to my family.

how are you all doing on your milestones this month?  leave a comment with your biggest accomplishment and your greatest "area for improvement"  (oh geez, that's the teacher talk coming out in me again!) this month. 

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The Blissfully Happy Housewife said...

I agree....I have trouble spending devotional time like I should. It's something I struggle with too.

A Canon is a great choice...Nikon and Canon are what I always recommend. I use a Nikon but it's simply because I was trained on a Nikon. Many photographer friends swear by their Canon!!!