february book club

ahhhh....book club...

my once-a-month-purely-girl-time treat!

this month, we read (or should i say continue to read--most of us didn't finish) Jane Eyre by Charlotte Bronte.
surprisingly, i have not read it before and am really liking it.
it helps that my version of the book has footnotes on each page that define the difficult vocabulary AND the french translations!  not bad for a $0.01 book from amazon.

i just so enjoy meeting with my dear friends,
to share about our families,
receive encouragement,
and, oh yeah, talk about the book (a little).
thank you, girls, for your love of reading and your beautiful friendships!
up next month:  Home by Marilynne Robinson (and finish Jane Eyre, so we can talk about the ending) :)

read along with us and share your thoughts
happy reading!

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Schleiden Family said...

Thanks for having us over. It was wonderful as usual! Always nice and refreshing to spend some quality time with friends! :)